I Must, I Must, I Must Get Ripped In A Month

At the risk of sounding like a broken record. You should really find a high quality program (that is scaleable) and hit it hard and that should easily solve your problem. You can find the best of the best right here.

“Well thanks a &%$#@-load that solved everything”. I know but it is true. Click the above link find a program that works with your body and goals and your problem is solved. But if you are looking for some free information that you can use now. Then let me tell you the truth about how to get ripped in a month.

There are no magic pills, supplements, set-and-forget solutions out there. You can keep looking and I guarantee that you will find some programs out there that state “get ripped in a month”…”in your sleep”…”the easy way”…”with just 20 minutes a day”. Now whether they work or not is a different story. Well its not that different because ALL OF THEM WON’T WORK.

Great So How Do I Get Ripped In A Month

First I am one of those people that has witnessed many people (including myself) get ripped with a fairly broad range of diet regulations it was mostly due to the right exercise plan. Well this is not the case. 30 days is not a lot of time if you truly want to get ripped in a month. You have to add a proper diet to an intense exercise regiment. There is no negotiating that.

Get Ripped In A Month Diet

Now your diet will consist of high protein, high creatine, and fatty foods a perfect example is marbled steak. I can already hear it, “red meat is carcinogenic I can’t load up on that”. Let me tell you a little secret EVERYTHING IS CARCINOGENIC. Every gram of food has some sort of carcinogens in them if you live healthy your going to be fine. Other high protein, fatty foods include, poultry, tree nuts, fish. I can go on and on the important thing is to get a wide variety of food from all of the food groups however the important thing is to cut the carbs. This is by far the most important thing you are going to do replace your carb intake with fats and oils.

Let me caution you if you are slightly overweight the above guidelines are fine just cut the fatty foods a bit and replace with leaner proteins. Most are either of average build to underweight. And FYI do not confuse your flab with fat. If you are extremely overweight or obese you will definitely see positive gains but you will not be able to get ripped in a month…sorry its going to take time.

Final note on dieting keep track of your intake I state that you need to stay full expand your stomach for all of you hard gainers and skinny people.  And 9/10 people will increase their caloric intake. But here is a rule of thumb.

Let us say that you are 180 and only 10% body fat. Just take your body weight and multiply it by (100% – X) or
180*(100% – 10%)=162
Then multiply this by 17 for slightly overweight, 18 for average build and 19 for underweight and 20 for severely underweight.
Example 162 * 19=3,078 calories per day.
This is a general rule of thumb but make sure you are intensely exercising as this will just turn to fat unless you turn it to muscle. Also make sure you follow your program’s guidelines to get ripped in a month. Some have very strict diet plans while others are extremely lax.

And one more thing NO EMPTY CALORIES. Just avoid all junk food and you should be fine. Coupled with a large amount of water (1+ gal/day) and you are on your way.

Get Ripped In A Month Exercise Routine

Although there is no set rule on how long you have to work out. Remember it is quality not quantity. There are still a few things you need to remember. You are not going to get ripped in a month working out an hour a day M-W-F or every other day. It’s just not going to happen. Think of this month despite your reasons for getting ripped in a month as a comprehensive boot camp.

This is going to be intense and if you have not exercised in a long time you are going to have to work through the pain. You are going to be very sore and there is not much you can do about it, after 4-5 days of consistent strength training you should be rid of 90% of your pain. That’s a good thing, your muscles are breaking down and being built back up.

But there is a problem your muscles need to rest in order for them to heal and build properly. So how do you give your muscles down time during an intense monthly regiment? Solution: you are going to be treating your body like a collection of independent parts. Here’s how…

Segment your routine. What are you needing to focus on the most: abs, pecs, lower back? First start there then move forward. Lets say you have flabby glutes and weak quads. Then Day One should only focus on these exercise points only. So this person will do squats and max out for resistance to ensure large toned muscles not bulky ones. Then move on to the leg press and do the same. Then just rotate, rinse, and repeat.

Since this is such a short amount of time, if you truly want to get ripped in a month. I would break down to rotation into:

  1. biceps & pecs
  2. triceps & upper back
  3. abs & lower back
  4. quads & glutes
  5. calves & forearms
  6. shoulders & neck
  7. etc & etc

This is just a brief overview but you can mix and match just keep at least 2 days before repeating any rotation.

Remember to get ripped in a month you need to be working on this schedule very religiously so you have to fit everything mentioned above and more into 2-3 days. Like I said this will not be easy but you will get the results you want in 30 days or less. If you are dead serious I highly recommend a muscle building program that will focus your efforts and walk you through the process. These programs will make your life much easier and will almost guarantee your muscle gains. So click the link above and do it.

That’s it for now.

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